Donate to Agape


Donate to Agape

All donations to Agape are tax deductible! You will receive a tax form via email, and/or via your billing address at the end of the year.

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Click here for info on Text-To-Donate.

For General Donations and Tithes to Agape, please type the amount you would like to donate, in the box below:

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To mail in donations:

Agape International Spiritual Center
8549 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA, 90211

Did you know….
When you share your resources, the Law of Circulation is at your service!

As we experience an expanded realization of our onenesss with all life, an organic desire arises to share, to participate in the Law of Circulation, to be a vehicle for the well-being of others. Spiritually mature use of the Law of Circulation reflects a wisdom-guided use of our resources, including money.

Realizing the true Source of our supply is living in authentic alignment with the universal Law of Circulation. We then give thanks for our abundance, and our joy is in circulating and sharing it. I like to say that we give to live until we live to give.

It is Undifferentiated Substance that takes the form of whatever it is we require: livelihood, food, money, and so on. It is ours to gratefully accept, use and share.

How Your Gifts are Used:

Stewardship at the Heart of Agape

Agape’s Stewardship Policy

Our declared policies state that:

–  Donors are advised and encouraged to seek independent professional advice before making a gift to the ministry which might significantly affect the donor’s financial position or income or might adversely affect the donor’s relationship with family members

–  Expenditures are confined to board-approved programs and purchases. In accordance with IRS regulations, each gift will be used as designated by the donor with the understanding that when any given need has been met, designated gifts will be used where needed most

–  Gifts are acknowledged and receipted with an official receipt for income tax purposes

–  Gifts will not be accepted for projects or purposes that are not within its stated objectives as determined by the Board of Trustees



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14 thoughts on “Donate to Agape

  1. Jan says:

    Hi All: I went through my stubborness and tried the Text to Tithe- I am thrilled- you can change the amount anytime- you tell it each week once set up- I’m a regular 10% er plus but see what yu think- just thot I’d share this! Happy Grateful Love streamer from the High Desert

  2. The teachings of Rev Michael are a great blessing. Thank you❤

  3. The teachings of Rev. Michael are a great blessing! Thank you❤

  4. Peggy David says:

    How do I cancel my automatic tithing?

  5. God is love, the very source of agape. The world of hate will be lost in agape. We must find the church of god in the heart of man. The fire of GODS love for my enemy shall remove your the bonds of worldly hate.

    We find our way following a path of love. may the spirit of god overcome you with the fire of his love. May god hold you im the palm of his hand.

  6. JessieJay says:

    I took this really cool class at Agape and learned about tithing . Since I’ve started I’ve had some unexpected income come into my life. The law is the law. Thank you Agape 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  7. Ajilal says:

    let me know there is any traning regarding attracting soulmate

  8. My life is full of the richest blessings by practicing the principles for successful living realized at Agape. My eternal gratitude for the teachings of Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith. XO

  9. Tracy Johnson says:

    I LOVE the message of light,Love and self awareness(God) brought forth into the world from AGAPE intl.

  10. I just listened to the June 24th 9 am service. So much news! The choir sounds divine. New Baby Gayle. Rev’s BD. Jackie Holland held in prayer. AND — what?! Agape is moving!!! I am so happy I tuned in tonight while I was working on the computer. Blessings to my Agape family!

  11. Harriet C Roth says:

    I first met Dr Michael Beckwith at The Living Enrichment Center in Pirtland, Oregon. I fell in love with his teachings, and I enjoy streaming and listening to the Agape Sunday messages. I feel so much apart of that fabulous church, even though I live in Portland, OR! Thank you all!

  12. Kimberley says:

    Today’s livestream June 10th 2018 was the first time I’ve been back to Agape. Very powerful message today !

  13. Oswy Gayle says:

    I am so blessed by all the available sermons online. They all help me to grow spiritually.

  14. tftcure says:

    Today was a message that was so right on time. I begin my Sunday new and refreshed… with the recommitted I AM>>> and everything else is simply commentary. Rev. Michael and Rickie B.B. are such a powerful light. They shine bright together and separately. I miss going to Agape in person in LA but it is still as powerful here in Las Vegas.

    Peace and Blessings family,
    John Mitchell aka – John Baton

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