Agape Staff

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Thelma G. Chichester, Esq.Chief Adminstrative Officer310-348-1260 x1021
Jeanette Perez, ALSPChief Financial Officer310-348-1260 x1299
Beth O'Dell, ALSPAccounts Receivable/Autotithe Desk310-348-1260 x1037
Mara SiqueirosAccounts Payable310-348-1260 x1032
Miriam Green, ALSPProcurement and Mail Room Manager310-348-1260 x1161
Victor DickersonReceptionist310-348-1260 x1001
Lloyd BrownBookstore/Registration310-348-1260 x1611
Willard Williams, ALSP 310-348-1260 x1799

Exec. Office of Michael B. Beckwith
Leigh Simran Brown, ALSPExec.Dir., Office of Dr.Beckwith310-348-1260 x1010
Jacki Simone Elliott, ALSPAdmin. Assistant to Michael BB310-348-1260 x1015
Jacquelyn Brown-BenefieldMedia Coordinator310-348-1260 x1152

Jennifer Strate O'NealFund Development Coordinator310-348-1260 x1616

Transformational Annex
.Transformational Annex310-348-1260 x1152

Akili Beckwith, ALSPBookstore Manager310-348-1266
Medea BrownBookstore Staff310-348-1266

Computer Services
Wallace GibbonsIT Help Desk310-348-1260 x1051
Nargess Mozafari, ALSPWebsite Administrator310-348-1260 x1055

Jeffre ManuelFacilities310-348-1260 x1102
Tony BeckwithFacilities/Parking310-348-1260 x1102

Paul BielenbergMedia Director310-348-1260 x1131
Kiilu BeckwithMedia Specialist310-348-1260 x1135

Marianne Lewis, ALSPDirector, Music and Arts310-348-1260 x1230

Pastoral Care
Rev. Dr. Coco StewartDirector, One From the Heart310-348-1260 x1280
Karen Brailsford, ALSPCoordinator, One From The Heart310-348-1260 x1281

Prayer Ministry/Practitioner Core
Rev. Dr. Kathleen McNamaraDirector, Practitioner Core and Prayer Ministry310-348-1260 x1460
Jason Mitchell, ALSPAdmin. Assistant, Practitioner Core and Prayer Ministry310-348-1260 x1461

Youth & Family
Rev. Dr. Leon CampbellDirector, Youth & Family310-348-1260 x1301

Agape University Administration
Jerrilynne Bossett, ALSPAgape University Administrator