Sacred Service Saturday 2014 Projects         Sign up now!

1. Hand-to-Hand
Hand to Hand Ministry provides a hot sit down meal every Saturday and most Holidays. Come join us as we nourish our guests with love and compassion! The quality of life for those who live on the streets will be raised up through your service.   Ages 13 and up.
Hand-to-Hand: (310) 348-1260 ext. 1531

2. A New Way of Life
A New Way of Life Reentry Project provides housing and support services to formerly incarcerated women in South Central Los Angeles. We will be doing some painting at one of their homes and some yard work.    All ages welcomed.
Freedom Light: (310) 348-1260 ext. 1521

3. Back to the Beach and Beyond
Pick up ~ Clean Up ~ Wake Up at Agape’s Adopt-A-Beach Program. We will be cleaning the beach and doing some habitat restoration. Everyone welcomed!
Earth Spirit Agape (310) 348-1260 ext. 1518

4. Adopt the Learning Garden
This garden is a community garden, located at Venice High School, that allows locals to participate and have a little  garden space and primarily offers a host of educational opportunities on sustainable gardening practices.  Our project will involve preparation and possibly some planting of a new community garden space for the public to enjoy.
Earth Spirit Agape (310) 348-1260 ext.1518

5. Tree People at Norman O. Houston Park
Weed, Mulch and Water young trees provided by Tree People. Educational opportunity to hear about their important work and be a part of it! Earth Spirit is adopting this park, and this will be our launch!   All ages welcomed.
Earth Spirit Agape (310) 348-1260 ext.1518

6. Agape Road Show
Come to perform, pray or join in group songs at a hospital and a convalescent home. We will have lunch at the beach. Bring your love and joy to patients in need. All Ages, and levels of talent, welcomed.
Agape Road Show (310) 348-1260 ext. 1528

7. Common Peace
CP was born out of the first Season for Nonviolence LA Task Force founded by Agape and is a 501(c) 3 non-profit. Please join Common Peace in our special surprise project at our offices on Sepulveda in Culver City.  If you are passionate about peace and nonviolence and would like to play with us for a day in a nurturing – artistic – and fun environment and experience making a difference – from the heart – in the lives of others, please join us!  We will be indoors or in a shady area.  All ages welcome. .
Action Agape (310) 348-1260 ext. 1515

8. The Adoption & Foster Care Program at Vista Del Mar
Vista Del Mar is one of the oldest full service adoption agencies and foster family agencies in Los Angeles. We will be painting, gardening, cleaning and brightening spaces critical to the services provided by this wonderful organization.   Ages 18 and up.
Loving Hands Unite  (310) 348-1260 ext. 1314

9. Prayers and Squares
Prayers & Squares are quilts made for the purpose of promoting prayer through the use of quilts. The motto is “It’s not about the quilt; it’s all about the Prayer”. This is an opportunity for volunteers to assist in making a quilt(s) on this Sacred Service Saturday. A quilt is made for sick babies, cancer and AIDS patients, adults and children facing surgery or personal crisis. Each quilt is for someone in special need of prayer. No quilt making experience necessary. Skillful use of a sewing machine a bonus, but not necessary.  16 and up, please.
One From the Heart (310) 348-1260 ext 1281

10. The Children’s Nature Institute
CNI is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating kids, teachers and parents in the natural sciences and to inspire respect and appreciation for our natural environment. We will be doing a community cleanup day with CNI and maybe more.  All Ages.
Action Agape (310) 348-1260 ext. 1515 

11. A Place Called Home
APCH is a dynamic youth enrichment center founded in 1993.  We will be sprucing up and organizing a space dedicated to their teen service program We also will be bringing order to their library so the children they serve can check books in and out.
Ages 16 and up.
Action Agape (310) 348-1260 ext. 1515

12. Big Heart Ranch
BIG Heart Ranch, is a ranch where rescued animals help heal humans struggling from the effects of trauma. The day will be spent washing and grooming animals, cleaning pens and landscaping.
Ages 10 and up.
Action Agape (310) 348-1260 ext. 1515

13. George Washington Carver Middle School Outdoor Classroom
Help nurture this green education resource in mid-city LA.  The purpose of this garden is educate kids how food is grown and to promote healthy eating habits. We will assist with their fruit tree orchards and vegetable gardens.  All ages.
Action Agape (310) 348-1260 ext 1515 

14. Los Angeles Youth Network
Since 1985, Los Angeles Youth Network (LAYN) has served runaway, foster and other youth experiencing homelessness, ages 12-21, that includes emergency, group and long-term housing. LAYN provides comprehensive programs and services teaching independent living skills and resources necessary for youth to lead productive lives, while offering a wide array of educational and enrichment programs. We will be providing some TLC to LAYN’s facilities.   18 years and older.
Action Agape (310) 348-1260 ext. 1515

15. Agape Spirit Foundation
This nonprofit (not part of Agape International Spiritual Center) is geared for change and change makers, housing Vets and ex-inmates. We will be planting flowers and trees, re-arranging the meditation area and giving away books and food.
Ages 16 and up.
Action Agape (310) 348-1260 ext. 1515 

16. Brother/Sister Church
We will return to June Cobb Church of Religious Science again this year. Our dear Rev. Dr. Clara Mosley is presiding minister of this intimate community church. We will do some church cleaning and heart cleansing, indoors and outdoors.
Ages 18 and up.
Action Agape (310) 348-1260 ext. 1515

17. Community Services Unlimited Inc.
CSU is a 501© 3 non-profit organization. Their mission is to foster communities that address the inequalities and barriers that make sustainable communities and self-reliant life-styles difficult.  We will help maintain at least one of their mini-urban farms that grow affordable, high quality produce in our community.
Ages 12 and up.
Action Agape (310) 348-1260 ext. 1515

18. Widney Career and Transition Center
Widney is an LAUSD special education center providing education and vocational training services to students 18-22 years old with moderate to severe disabilities. We will be doing a variety of beautification projects, including painting a mural, transforming the rec room, light gardening, putting up noise reduction screens, and more. Join us as we help improve this amazing school! Ages 10 and up.
Action Agape (310) 348-1260 ext. 1515 

19. Proyecto Jardin
Proyecto Jardin is communal garden in Boyle Heights where people find the inspiration and common ground necessary to build a healthy, peaceful community. We will be involved in post spring season garden clean-up, fertilizing fruit trees, seed harvesting & cleaning, washing garden chairs, painting garden signage, transplanting nursery plants to bigger pots, and pruning back herb shrubs. All ages welcomed.
Action Agape (310) 348-1260 ext. 1515

20. Home Sweet Home
Help lovingly beautify our own Agape International Spiritual Center. We will refresh, revitalize, reorganize and repaint the storage loft for Gracious Spaces of Agape and other activities to make our spiritual home more hospitable.  All ages welcomed.
Action Agape (310) 348-1260 ext. 1515

21. Compton Jr. Posse
Compton Jr. Posse Youth Equestrians provides motivational experiences with horses for local disadvantaged young people. This will be a general cleanup and painting day. Folks should know that they will be with animals so if they have allergies they should prepare appropriately. Ages 12 years and up.
Action Agape (310) 348-1260 ext. 1515

22. The Southern California Library for Social Studies and Justice
The Southern California Library is a people’s library in South Los Angeles dedicated to preserving the histories of communities in pursuit of justice.  We will work on bringing greater order to the Library and its collections, including possibly painting and other project.
Ages 12 and up.
Action Agape (310) 348-1260 ext. 1515

23. Critter Crusade
We will be serving this year with NKLA Pet Adoption Center, and possibly another facility as well. We will be able to walk dogs, socialize cats, groom animals, and help with facility cleaning.
Ages 12 years and older.
Action Agape (310) 348-1260 ext. 1515

24. SHARE! Self-Help and Recovery Exchange
SHARE! Supports people as they pursue growth and recovery in a non-judgmental environment. They provide meetings, housing and volunteer-to-job opportunities for the people they serve. We will be helping them at their two facilities. We will be cleaning, painting, gardening and other maintenance as needed.   18 years and older.
Action Agape (310) 348-1260 ext.1515

25. Sheenway School and Cultural Center
Sheenway School and Culture Center is a living laboratory of learning and teaching, a place where diversity and multicultural enrichment weave into the dreams of tomorrow. Parents, the first teachers, join hands with Sheenway, the community, and beyond, bonding into the village that raises the child. We will be doing some outdoor and indoor projects to support the work of this great resource.    All ages.
Action Agape (310) 348-1260 ext.1515

26. The Blazers House
The Blazers, one of our first community partners, is committed to preparing students to be concerned, involved, and contributing members of their communities. Their programs offer a viable, safe, and enhancing alternative to students’ after school hours, and provide opportunities for parental involvement and education.  The project will entail painting of the outside facility, general yard work and clean up.   All ages welcomed.
Action Agape (310) 348-1260 ext.1515

27. Westside Children’s Center
Westside Children’s Center provides integrated family services for under-served young children and their families in West Los Angeles including early care and education, foster care and adoption, and family support services. We will be gardening, weeding, disinfecting and cleaning classrooms and playground areas.   12 years and older.
Action Agape: (310) 348-1260 ext. 1515

28. Sol Adventurers
Sol Adventurers empowers at risk youth globally to discover their gifts and share them with the world. They provide one on one mentorship and enrichment programs that includes: gardening, recycling, African drumming, dance, reggae, hip hop and capoeira. We will be helping out at Crenshaw Community Garden, where they facilitate local youth programs.     All ages.
Action Agape (310) 348-1260 ext. 1515

29. St. Joseph Center
St. Joseph Center provides a vast variety of services for the working poor and homeless in the Westside of Los Angeles and Santa Monica.  Deep cleaning St. Joseph Center’s Bread & Roses Café will be our project this year.   18 and older.
Action Agape (310) 348-1260 ext. 1515

30. Surprise
Are you willing to trust Spirit? Choose Surprise on your sign-up form and, we promise, you will be surprised. It could even be a project that came in after we went to print. This is your only choice, and a great one, if you register after June 15th.

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The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself
in the service of others.
— Gandhi


  Love is, above all, the gift   of oneself.
         — Jean Anouilh (1910 – 1987)


  There is no higher religion
than human service. To work
for the common good is the
greatest creed.
— Woodrow Wilson (1856 – 1924) 


  No act of kindness, no matter
how small, is ever wasted.  
— Aesop (620 BC – 560 BC)   The Lion and the Mouse


  Service … is love in action,
love “made flesh”; service is
the body, the incarnation of
love. Love is the impetus;
service the act, and
creativity the result with
many by-products.
  — Sarah Patton Boyle,
U.S. civil rights activist and author.


 Never Doubt that a small
group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can
change the world; indeed, it’s
the only thing that ever has.
             — Margaret Mead


 I expect to pass through this
world but once; any good
thing therefore that I can do,
or any kindness that I can
show to any fellow creature,
let me do it now; let me not
defer or neglect it, for I shall
not pass this way again.
— Ettiene De Grellet


 Love cannot remain by itself–
it has no meaning. Love has to
be put into action and that
action is service.
                           — Mother Teresa


 Love grows by service.— Charlotte Perkins Gilman 


 I don’t know what your destiny
will be, but one thing I do
know: the only ones among
you who will be really happy
are those who have sought
and found how to serve.
— Albert Schweitzer


 If I have been of service, if I
have glimpsed more of the
nature and essence of
ultimate good, if I am inspired
to reach wider horizons of
thought and action, if I am at
peace with myself, it has been
a successful day.
                             — Alex Noble