Come Serve at Revelation 2013!
Thursday, April 25th – 28th at Burbank Marriott

Many Service Opportunities available. Be a beneficial presence on the planet and incorporate Sacred Service as a vital spiritual practice.

Whether you are attending the conference or not, you are welcome to come & serve. Please note only those who have registered for Revelation 2013 can be in the Main Conference Room while in session. (scroll below to see Conference Registrant Reimbursement Policy) Thank you for your willingness to serve!

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You will be contacted for scheduling

Positions are during the conference 4/25/2013 – 4/28/2013, unless otherwise indicated. Most teams will need set-up & breakdown help before & after the conference

Revelation Sacred Service Opportunities:

Appreciation Suite Angel

Provides an atmosphere of love and joy for all of those who are serving at the Revelation Festival. The Appreciation Suite Angels help with Food and Refreshment Prep, Set-up, Serving, Acting as Runners to pick up supplies at local stores, and Clean-up


Set-Up & Break Down support. Both at Agape & at Revelation site.
Day & Time to pack up the Alice’s Quiet Mind Bookstore at Agape to be determined.

Gracious Space

CallCreate sacred, welcoming, uplifting & inspirational energy by beautifying meeting spaces. We would love assistance in loading our items onto the van (at Agape), unloading at the hotel and loading our items again at the end of Revelation. Heavy lifting is involved.

Load-Out at Agape & Load-In at Hotel–Tuesday 4/23 and Beatification of Conference 4/24-4/25


Conference goers attend from around the globe and this is our Community’s chance to shower them with the Agape Spirit. Fill them up & rejuvenate their souls with pure Agape Love. A warm smile & joyful heart is all that is required!!
Wednesday 4/25 shifts will also be available


The production team requires some level of work experience and will need to be approved by the team leader who will set up a phone interview with you.

Volunteers who are skilled in basic A/V & Stage set-up, running of basic A/V equipment, manage power point presentations quickly must have an extensive knowledge of the chants & music of Agape, assist in monitoring the live-streaming,
runners & PA’s–some experience required

Registration Team

Be part of the kick-off celebration! Prepare tote bags, welcome attendees & provide them with their registration information.

Shifts start Wednesday Afternoon 4/24 until Friday 4/26


Directs conference attendees to their seats. Outgoing, loving, & flexible volunteers needed. Once conference begins only those who are registered can stay in the event hall.

Well Being Room

Has Full team of health practitioners, greeters, appointment schedulers, escorts, & cashiers throughout the conference.

Youth & Family Team

Support Agape Youth Revelation through Teacher’s assistance & food prep. Help with youth programs as they experience Revelation in their own way.

Click Here to Fill Out Volunteer Registration Form
You will be contacted for scheduling

All Revelation Volunteers are requested to attend

Revelation Orientation
Saturday, April 20th 10:00am–12:30pm at Agape

Revelation Volunteer Appreciation Reception
Sunday, May 5th, 2:15-4:15pm at Agape RSVP required

Conference Registrant Reimbursement Policy

There is a reimbursement policy for PAID REGISTRANTS.
● For every ten (10) hours of service, $50 will be reimbursed
● Cap of thirty (30) hours of service or $150.
● There are three (3) levels of reimbursement: 10, 20 and 30 hours.
● There is no partial credit for increments other than 10-hour increments
● Reimbursement via check will be issued 4-6 weeks from the end of the Conference & mailed to your registration address

Volunteer Policy

Volunteers who are not conference registrants are welcome to serve in all the areas described above. Only those who have paid for the conference will be able to serve in the Main Hall while in session. We APPRECIATE your willingness to serve!

If you have any questions please contact Angie Craig, or call her at 310-995-4891