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Wise Ones will meet

Every 3RD Sunday of Each Month

2:00PM PT

June 21; July 19; Aug 16; Sep 20; Oct 18; Nov 15; Dec 20

 Ministry Lead: Jacque Adamu, ALSP

Our purpose is to create a community for those 50+ with fun-filled recreational activities, spiritual awareness and intellectual growth while moving towards authentic self-expression with ease and high consciousness. We aim to bridge the gap between the generations with unconditional love and guidance. We aim also to create a network sharing information on current events, community service, and legislative issues relevant to the 50+ community. We seek to foster friendships and stimulate support along the journey of life.

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ONLINE POLICY for Agape Ministry Meetings


1)    By registering for this meeting/ gathering, you agree:

That this event and its contents are the sole intellectual property of Agape and therefore cannot be shared with anyone who is not registered for this event. This includes:

a)    Not sharing or having others view the meeting.

b)    Not sharing or having others view the video archive.

c)    Not duplicating, disseminating, or sharing any of the downloadable materials (i.e., PDFs, MP3s, documents).

2)    Honoring this policy allows us to maintain the integrity of the teachings as well as the confidentiality of your fellow participants who may share personal stories.



All persons participating in Agape University events consent to the use of their photograph, image, voice and likeness in the class (online or in person), recordings, promotions and any and all media.  If you do not consent to the use of your photograph, image, voice and likeness in this manner, please do not enter the classroom (online or in person).


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