Practitioner Preview 2021

Thursday June 24th, 2021

6:30PM PT (9:30 Eastern)

THIS FORM Must Be Completed BY JUNE 10, 2021


The Practitioner Preview presentation is the perfect opportunity to learn about Agape’s Licensed Spiritual Practitioner Program.  The intention of this online gathering is to allow all who may be interested to ask questions about Agape’s Professional Practitioner Program.  This gathering is led by the beloved Ministers and Practitioners who support this dynamic endeavor.



On the Road to Practitioner Studies – Practitioner Pathway

STEP 1: All persons seeking to apply to Agape’s Professional Practitioner Program must complete the required perquisite courses:


#1: The Activated Life; Universal Laws Governing Spiritual Living

#2: The Roots of Agape; Open Source User’s Guide to Understanding New Thought; Introduction to Transcendent Masters

#3: Meditation and the Evolution of Consciousness

#4: The Physics of Prayer; Prayer as a Way of Life

#5: Prayer and the Power of Your Spoken Word; Prayer Warrior

#6: The Life Visioning Process

#7: Joel Goldsmith Course (Titles vary)

#8: Self-Awareness and the Evolving Consciousness

#9: Mysticism, the Practice and the Mystical I

#10: Prosperity, Plenitude and Infinite Possibilities; Prosperity From Inside Out; The Oath of Manifestation

#11: The Answer Is You – Harmonizing Life Structures

#12: Spiritual Liberation

#13: Inclusivity – Embodying Beloved Community

#14: 1st Elective

#15: 2nd Elective



STEP 2: All persons seeking to apply to Agape’s Professional Practitioner Program must be recommended by two Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioners; one with whom you have had at least three full Practitioner sessions; and an additional recommendation from a Mysticism or Self-Awareness course facilitator. Special instructions for STEP 2 will be provided once you have completed the required prerequisite courses. We politely ask you not to solicit recommendations from Practitioners before you are able to provide the Practitioners with these special instructions.






Please complete this form to receive your invitation to the ONLINE Practitioner Preview Session 2021.This form is meant to collect the information related to your progress through Agape University’s prerequisite courses as you make your way to becoming a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner!


For each of the courses listed below, please select the specific course title (if applicable), enter the date in which the course was offered (for example Fall of 2020), the Instructor, and the Organization that offered the course. Agape University will recognize those prerequisite courses completed within approved Agape Affiliate communities – Soul Center Orange County CA; Agape Bay Area Center for Awakened Living; Agape East.


Please Note: Prerequisite courses completed are valid for a 5-year time period (prerequisite courses completed in 2015 or earlier will not qualify for those seeking to enter Agape’s Professional Practitioner Program). Completion of Agape's Meditation Retreats will NOT be accepted as a prerequisite. The Life Visioning course offered by The Mind Valley Institute will NOT be accepted as a prerequisite.



Thank You for Participating with the Agape University! We sincerely seek to support you on your journey of expression and expansion!

Peace and Richest Blessings


Please Be Mindful: THIS FORM Must Be Completed By JUNE 10, 2021

in order to join the Practitioner Preview Meeting on JUNE 24th.


Practitioner? If you are looking for a Practitioner please contact Rev Jason Mitchell with the Practitioner Core for support. 
Transcripts? Please contact the Registration Department to receive a copy of your course records/ transcripts.

Additional Questions? Please contact Rev Cartlon Teabout for additional questions related to Agape’s Professional Practitioner Program.



3: (Meditation Course)
4: (Prayer 1)
5: (Prayer 2)
7. :
10. Abundance course:
Have You Called The Agape Prayer Ministry?
Have You Had Sessions With A Licensed Agape Practitioner?
If you have had Practitioner sessions, How Many Sessions?
I agree to the terms and conditions as listed.


By selecting the agreement checkbox ABOVE, I acknowledge and accept the conditions listed below, and authorize payment in accordance with the following.


ONLINE COURSE POLICY for Agape University



1)    By registering for this class, you agree:


That this class and its contents are the sole intellectual property of Agape and therefore cannot be shared with anyone who is not registered for this course. This includes:


a)    Not sharing or having others view the live class.


b)    Not sharing or having others view the video archive.


c)    Not duplicating, disseminating, or sharing any of the downloadable materials (i.e., PDFs, MP3s, documents).


2)    Honoring this policy allows us to maintain the integrity of the teachings as well as the confidentiality of your classmates who may share personal stories in class.


3)    Students must commit to one course time; students must remain committed to participation in either the afternoon or evening course (if applicable).


4)   Credit for AU courses is  received after completion of payment and the completion of course growthwork. Credit for a completed class will be valid for a five year time period for those seeking to enter Agape's Practitioner Studies Program.




All persons participating in Agape University classes consent to the use of their photograph, image, voice and likeness in the class (online or in person), recordings, promotions and any and all media. If you do not consent to the use of your photograph, image, voice and likeness in this manner, please do not enter the classroom (online or in person).


 All persons participating in Agape University classes consent to the use of their email address and phone number strictly for the purpose of course related communication. No person may utilize another students email address for personal contact unrelated to coursework, nor in the promotion of an activity, product or service not explicitly supported by the Agape International Spiritual Center.

This event is complementary; there is no charge for admittance.

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