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Agape University – Practitioner Preview 2019


Thursday, September 12th, 2019

6:30 PM – 9:00 PM


Mark you calendars for a special, informative, on-line presentation about the Agape International Spiritual Center’s Practitioner Program. There will be time for Q & A so prepare your questions!


We will share in depth:

- Program Information – Expectations

- Level of commitment; Time Commitment - Content


September 12th, 2019,

6:30 PM – 9:00 PM On-Line


Please complete this form to receive your invitation to the Practitioner Preview Session 2019. Enter the Term and the Year of completion for the listed courses below; only those classes completed after January 2014 will fulfill pre-requisite requirements:


#1: Universal Principles, Foundations For Spiritual Living

#2: Transcendent Masters/ Open Source User's Guide

#3: Meditation Practices and Principles

#4: Meditation and the Evolution of Consciousness

#5: Prayer Warrior

#6: Prayer; 5 or 6 Week Course

#7: The Life Visioning Process

#8: Joel Goldsmith Course

#9: Prosperity From Inside Out or Oath of Manifestation

#10: Self-Awareness and the Evolving Consciousness

#11: Mysticism, the Practice and the Mystical I


(If not taken enter NA for not applicable)


Enter the TERM & YEAR

For Example:

#1 : (Universal Principles - Date) FALL 2018


All applicants for the Practitioner Program must be recommended by an Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner with whom you have had at least 3 full sessions and by one of your instructors from the Mysticism or Self-Awareness courses.  Instructions for these recommendations are contained in the application packet you will receive in the final Practitioner Preview session.  Please do not solicit recommendations before you are able to provide Practitioners with the confidential instructions. For those preparing for Practitioner Studies this Fall, this course is required.



Need an Agape Practitioner?

Please contact Jason Mitchell for support

310 348-1250 ext. 1461;


For Transcripts and course records

Please contact Registration Department

310-348-1260 Ext. 1611;


Additional Questions/ concerns

Rev Susan Shahani


This gathering is complimentary. And will be hosted through the Zoom meeting platform