Thank you, Agape global community for your unwavering commitment to your spiritual community during this most unprecedented time.

There is no greater time than now to embrace and honor Agape's 36th Anniversary, thirty-six years of being a beneficial presence on the planet and offering the antidote to what Rev. Michael B. Beckwith likes to call, these “fluxed up” times.

As we celebrate this significant occasion, and the many ways our beloved community has stepped up to meet this historical moment in time, Agape depends, more than ever, on your continued support and commitment by way of a year-end gift.

Your contribution of $1000 or an $83.00 dollar per month sustaining gift ensures that Agape can fund the unfolding Vision for 2023. To those who are able to make a more substantial gift during the Anniversary, we extend our deepest gratitude. 


Make your generous year-end gift in any amount and sustain Agape's 30 ministries, staff, ongoing programs, services, daily operations and also supports the expansion of our current infrastructure, to serve our growing global presence. Including:

  • Inclusive, life-activating, dogma-free online Sunday services powerfully uniting 2,000,000 annually.
  • Daily morning prayer and afternoon meditation as part of our expanded AgapeLive@Home offerings, accessed by more than 300,000.
  • Compassionate crisis, grief and bereavement support, reaching more than 4000 individuals annually through Agape’s One From the Heart Ministry.
  • Fully online Agape Youth & Family services – creating a global weekly connection point for hundreds of our Youth and Teens, where our NOW generation may fully embody their divine nature as they step out into the world.
  • The Agape Wise Ones monthly Zoom gatherings and events providing authentic connection and self-expression, in sacred service to the beloved elders of our community.
  • Agape University courses and exceptional special events, expanding worldwide and fully accessible via advanced livestream technology, serving our ever-growing, international livestreaming community of over three million.


We appreciate you, and look forward to moving through this time of global shift together as we honor Agape’s Vision and its continued legacy!

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Thank you for boldly supporting Agape International Spiritual Center
and for being in service as a beneficial presence on the planet! 36 YEARS LOCALIZING THE COSMIC CELEBRATION!