It's always the right time to make your gift to the Agape University Global Scholarship & Spiritual Teachings Translation Fund, in honor of our beloved Founder and Spiritual Director!

You can still join the gifting party!


It’s that time of year when the Agape Nation comes together to celebrate our beloved Rev. Michael’s appearance day, his journey around the sun once more!  

This year, in celebration of our Founder and Spiritual Director we take this moment to express our deep appreciation for all that Rev. Michael offers to us, over and over and especially during this past year of monumental planetary shift; and for his personal, resounding YES -- his commitment to the inner discipline and teachings that cultivate and celebrate the highest of who we are as spiritual beings allowing for the collective expansion of consciousness.

Every year, just as this one, Rev. Michael asks in place of birthday gifts that we each make a gift in support of Agape. This year Rev. Michael asks that your gift goes to support the Agape University Global Scholarship & Spiritual Teachings Translation Fund. The Global Scholarship & Spiritual Teachings Translation Fund will individually provide opportunities to share Agape’s spiritual teachings with the broader global community giving full access to the limitless power and promise of spiritual education! 

Spiritual education and oneness teaching are ultimately what will heal the challenges that our world currently faces. Let’s honor Rev. Michael's profound work and his unwavering encouragement for us to each say yes to who we truly are and what we are here to do! 

During this past year, the demand for expanded access to Agape teachings has significantly increased and we are making a substantial investment in what it’s going to take to offer access to spiritual education for our Agape community across the globe!

Your generous gift will go towards supporting each of the following areas of need, providing greater access to Agape’s spiritual teachings through:

1. Financial scholarships that will enable equitable access to classes and programs offered through Agape University

2. The translation of Agape teachings into additional languages yielding global connection and participation, in congruence with Agape’s Mission, to be accessible to everyone

Wherever you reside in the world, you are invited to thrive within the oneness of Agape Nation consciousness! It truly is time for Agape’s next chapter and there is no more perfect catalyst than Rev. Michael’s appearance day, to take us there.

Our goal during this celebration is to collectively gift $100,000 or more to Agape, in support of the Agape University Global Scholarship & Spiritual Teachings Translation Fund, above and beyond your weekly tithes and donations.

Say “Yes to You,” and share your gift with your Agape community!

Through your generous support, you honor Rev. Michael, giving him the very best possible gift, that of spiritual education for all, and for limitless possibilities for his teachings across our global community.

Please accept our overflowing gratitude for your large-heartedness and spirit of generosity.

Peace and blessings,

The Agape Board of Trustees 

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