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Session 1 -  Michael Bernard Beckwith  -  Now is the When and Surrender is the Way

Session 2 -  Rev. Thandi Nhlengetwa  -  Healing Our Communities Through Our Spirit of Ubuntu    
Session 3 -  Lisa Nichols  -  Standing in the Power of You: Surrendering and Celebrating Your Gifts                                        
Session 4 -  Juan Pablo Barahona  -  Embodying Divine Manifestation                   
Session 5 -  Kelly Noonan Gores   -  Heal Documentary            

      Session 6 Dr. Joe Dispenza  Revelation 2015 Groundbreaking Talk                

Revelation Sunday Service viewing is free and available at this link.

Please Note: Access to the video archives will be available until Saturday June 1st 11:59pm.

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Session 4 - Juan Pablo Barahona $56.00  1=$0.00
Session 5 - Kelly Noonan Gores $56.00  1=$0.00
Session 6 - Dr. Joe Dispenza, Revelation 2015 $56.00  1=$0.00

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