The Agape International Spiritual Center’s Parking Ministry is proud to welcome you.
We are the first to be seen and last to say goodbye,
We put our spiritual practice to the test every week
And we have the opportunity to solve what can be the most pressing issue on Wed nights and Sun Mornings…


Because we share our space with other businesses it becomes important that we can respect each other’s concerns.

Parking volunteers are needed to inform congregants of the policy that has been developed through dialogue with our neighbors, and on our part to ensure the highest good for each and every one of you. (Including parking arrangements for: disabled congregants, Sacred Service Volunteers, families with small children, and special guests).

Certain rules and regulations may seem unnecessary; however the best way to understand their purpose would be to sign up and be with one of the easiest, entertaining and rewarding ministries under the umbrella of Agape.


Parking Volunteers are needed two days out of every week (Sun/ Wed), and during special events taking place at Agape.
[Duties and Responsibilities]


Below is a link to more information about volunteering with the Parking Ministry during one of our biweekly services i.e. times when volunteers are needed, the duration of their service, etc.


Special events parking volunteers are contacted as needed. The Special events coordinator for Agape ISC is Susan Lowe, and special events requests for parking volunteers are communicated between one and two weeks prior to an event date. Special events parking can be required for any day of the week and from any time period, as a result monetary compensation may be provided.