On Display in Sanctuary Hallway

Rob Jacobs was born in Brooklyn, New York, and grew up in Los Angeles.

Much of his life has been centered around the areas of music, art, health, meditation and the study of Eastern thought and philosophy.

He has produced six series of art, including: The Warriors, The West, The Western Haiku, The Starbucks Haikus and Angels of Protection. His latest series, The Lakota Spirits, are his graphic representations of these spirits, inspired from the book, Meditations With Native Americans – Lakota Spirituality by Paul Steinmetz. The first show of this series will be at the Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum commencing January 1, 2009. His work is mixed media, including the use of photographic dyes, paints, sand, glitter, airbrush, gels, and other materials. His work is built from the palettes he created from his days as a retoucher.

Rob has participated in many shows in the Los Angeles area, including the LA County Museum of Art – Art Rental and Sales Gallery.

Presently, his Angels of Protection Series is on display at Agape.

On Display in Classroom Hallway

David Alexander English

Artist, poet, photographer, astrologer, writer, filmmaker, producer, world traveler, designer, imagineer.

Born august 26th 1957; grew up on Cape Cod in Falmouth, Massachusetts
1979 B.A. Social Theory, Political Economics, European & American History; University of Massachusetts, Amherst
1987 Museum School of the Museum of Fine Art, Boston

Each piece is a created by stretching a piece of raw canvas on a board with just 4 pushpins, then saturating the canvas with water using a big brush; then painting it while it’s drying & mixing the colors on the canvas… once dry the sacred geometry elements are applied using strait edge, compass, protractor & gold pen…
then taking a digital photograph & making a high quality digital reproduction from that…

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