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Find a Spiritual Center in Your City, or in a City Where You’re Traveling

One of Rev. Michael’s fundamental teachings describes our basic Eight Life Structures*, one of which is the importance of our connection to spiritual community. Whether we’re seeking a spiritual center in our hometown, on vacation, away on business trips or at school, it’s comforting to know that we can connect with a spiritual community that shares the spiritual principles we practice, where we can pray, meditate, and fellowship. So we have created a directory of spiritual communities to support you in making that connection with like-minded centers where you will feel personally welcome and spiritually at home.

Each spiritual center listed has been highly recommended to us by ministers and spiritual leaders. While their teaching methods may vary somewhat from Rev. Michael and the Agape International Spiritual Center, we sincerely believe that the men and women who guide these communities possess the integrity, commitment, and depth of practice to inspire and support your own spiritual practice.

*The Eight Life Structures can be found in Rev. Michael’s book, Life Visioning.

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