Agape Certificate Programs in Adult Spiritual Education



Adult Spiritual Education at Agape is growing and expanding. Along with the thriving Practitioner Studies program and the renewal of Ministerial Studies, Agape is also forging new certification programs in Prayer, Wellness, Chaplaincy, Leadership, Peace, Mysticism, and more. These programs connect Truth teachings with the world in which we live so that we bring Truth to boardrooms, classrooms, courtrooms, massage tables, yoga mats, non-profit organizations, therapy offices, healing professions, relationships, legislatures, workplaces, homes, and families.

These unique programs will be gradually rolled out over the next few years. All of them ask that participants complete: foundation courses; sacred service hours; and core specialized requirements. This ensures that participants are anchored in Truth and spiritual practices, and able to make connections to peace, wellness, leadership, and so much more.




  • Universal Laws Governing Spiritual Living
  • Prayer Warrior
  • Meditation and the Evolution of Consciousness
  • Achieving Bliss Through Prayer
  • The Life Visioning Process
  • Prayer as A Way of Life
  • Meditation Practices and Principles


  • 25 hours of sacred service (sacred service course; plus hours served in a capacity approved by the program)


  • Directed Study (research, propose, and develop the components of a prayer center)
  • Prayer Internship (40 contact hours in the prayer ministry, a final paper, and consultation with faculty advisor)



  • Successful completion of all the course requirements
  • Successful completion of all internship, service, and directed study requirements
  • Exit interview with Certification Panel

*Courses and programs taken through compatible programs may substitute for one requirement