Core Curriculum



Universal Laws Governing Spiritual Living (5-Week Course)
Faculty: Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith; Rev. Dr. Cheryl J. Ward
Description: Discover the true nature of Reality, the Universe, and the Cosmos in this amazing five-week class. Students will come to know themselves as a supreme spiritual idea held in the mind of God. Through prayer, meditation, and experiential fun interactive exercises students awaken their soul’s memory of God. Each student is urged to challenge their beliefs, opinions and judgments, gaining clearer understanding of how these impact universal laws. No more victims of circumstances; students become victors of all circumstances! Your life is calling you in this class!
Required Books: Life Visioning, by Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith; This Thing Called You, by Ernest Holmes; Spiritual Liberation, by Rev Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith


Life Visioning Process (10-Week Course)
Faculty: Rev. Dr. Coco Stewart
Description: What is God’s Vision for your life? This class is designed to assist you in understanding the Visioning Process as developed by Reverend Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith. You will learn the spiritual principles upon which the visioning process rests. You will also learn the difference between visualization and visioning and why visioning is far superior in living out your life purpose. In the former you access your imagination to bring into manifestation that which you desire. In visioning, you learn to tap into Cosmic Consciousness to discover God’s plan for your life.
Required Books: Life Visioning, by Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith


Prayer Warrior (10-Week Course)
Faculty: Rev. Victoria Thomas
Description: If you ever wondered how to pray effectively so that results of your prayers are demonstrative and palpable, this class is for you! It is a 10-week class that teaches students the extraordinary technology of Affirmative Prayer, a method of praying that affirms the spiritual principle that Life is indeed for you; that you are connected to all of Life, and that we live in a holographic universe. We begin with an exploration of the God Principle, creating a solid foundation of your relationship to God, not as an anthropomorphic God, but a Mighty Power and a Mighty Presence! Throughout the weeks of the class we will uncover hidden beliefs and beliefs based upon false premises. The class will assist you in transmuting and transforming any mis-qualified belief systems, thought patterns, perceptions and habits of emotion that block and mask the highest Good for your life. The format of the class is a dynamic laboratory of love, providing you with a supportive learning environment where you awaken to a greater awareness of your Oneness with the Presence of God and all of life. It is an Exploratorium of the inherent healing power of your heart field. You will emerge more self-aware, self-confident, more in tune with the Infinite as the only spiritual authority, and your word, a Law unto Itself.
Required Reading: None
Prerequisites: None


Intro to Transcendent Masters (10-Week Course)
Faculty: Rev. Susan Shahani
Description: New Thought Ageless Wisdom messengers come to life as we explore and experience their essences through research and dialog. There is a special emphasis on Dr. Michael Beckwith’s influences and those individuals who have been an influence and inspiration to the Agape Movement.
Required Books: Healing Without Medicine: From Pioneers to Modern Practice, by Albert Amao, Ph.D; The Man Who Talks With the Flowers, by Glenn Clark; The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe, by Glenn Clark





Meditation and the Evolution of Consciousness (5-Week Course)
Faculty: Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith; Rev. Dr. Cheryl J. Ward
Description: Meditation is the vehicle through which consciousness expands. In this class you will move into a greater understanding of the idea that you are an individualized expression of Spirit, God Consciousness. We will explore various modes of meditation: Contemplative, Existential and Spiritual. You will also come to value and appreciate a daily meditative practice. As you journey deep into your inner being— through silence—you find the doorway to Cosmic Consciousness. Through this doorway, you no longer cast a shadow into matter; you meld into a conscious union with God!
Required Material: Life Visioning by Michael Bernard Beckwith; Meditation in the Silence by E.V. Ingram; This Thing Called You by Ernest Holmes; The Voice of the Master by Eva Bell Werber; Breath by Breath The Liberating Practice of Insight Meditation by Larry Rosenberg with David Guy
Prerequisites: None


Prayer as a Way of Life (10-Week Course)
Faculty: Rev. Susan Shahani; Wendy Silvers, ALSP
Course Description: This class provides the experience of prayer as a way of life through the exploration of: the qualities of God including Love, Oneness, Order, Joy and Righteousness; the principle of Omnipresence; Affirmative Prayer; and the Six Steps of Spiritual Mind Treatment. Give voice to the unique prayer that is poised and ready to be expressed through you as an instrument of the Ineffable. Find out how “one step at a time” is Divine!
Required Material: None
Prerequisites: None




Self-Awareness and the Evolving Consciousness (10-Week Course)
Faculty: Rev. Dr. Cheryl J. Ward and Rev Ron Blair
Description: Self-awareness is the gateway way to transformation! Becoming self-aware puts you in the driver’s seat of your life! To become aware is to wake up and take full responsibility for your life—your emotions, likes, dislikes, disappointments, life structures, etc. The aim of this course is spiritual unfoldment and personal transformation. It is a journey of self-exploration and self-examination for the purpose of living a liberated, transformed life free of hindrances and encumbrances. Looking at various levels of consciousness, we will explore and enter the pathway of non-duality, and see our thoughts as energy fields from which thinking emerges. In this way, we will learn to transcend the endless thoughts running through our consciousness. Through fun interactive experiential processes, we will activate fundamental spiritual principles, and those, empowered by our intentions, result in an alignment with universal Truth! All aboard the Train to transformation!
Required Material: Self Awareness Meaning of the “Self “ by Joshua Nsangi; The Eye of the I From Which Nothing is Hidden and Discovery of the Presence of God both books by David Hawkins, MD, Ph.D.
Recommended (not required): Let Your Life Speak by Parker J. Palmer; The Spiritual Universe by Fred Alan Wolf
Prerequisites: Universal Laws Governing Spiritual Living; Meditation and the Evolution of Consciousness; Life Visioning; Prayer course(s): Either Prayer Warrior OR Prayer as Expanded Awareness & Prayer as Way of Life); or approval from instructor.




Meditation Principles and Practices (5-Week Course)
Faculty: Akili Beckwith, ALSP
Description: This is a wonderful class which will delve into the principles and practices of the Agape Movement as well as many various types and methods of meditation. You will learn how to be still in the midst of ‘seeming chaos’ and to trust that the Universe is ‘For You’. Over the 5-week period you will develop a more consistent and constant meditative practice, and learn how the Universal Principles apply to your meditation.
Required Reading: TBD
Prerequisites: None


Mysticism, the Practice and the Mystical I (10-Week Course)
Faculty: Rev. Dr. Coco Stewart
Description: Deepen into an expanded awareness of your true Mystical I-dentity. This experiential process-oriented class takes you on an inner journey that will shift your outer experience of everyday living. Attune to your inner true nature and know the mystic you already are. Through an inclusive exploration of mystics, a variety of cultural origins, mystical teachings and traditions, song, creative arts and play, the mystic life arises as a tangible way of living encompassing balanced life structures. Mysticism is the practice of the Divine Presence within an individual which allows the continually activated flow of Grace, God’s eternal Given-ness, and Giving-ness, to happen as a way of life.
Required Material: (Class handouts will be provided to students).
Prerequisites: Universal Laws; Meditation; Life Visioning; Prayer course(s): Either Prayer Warrior OR Prayer as Expanded Awareness & Prayer as Way of Life);or approval from the instructor.